Company Overview

About New Solution Driving

New Solution Driving school was founded by Luis Arnaud on January 7, 2020. Mr. Arnaud is a certified driving instructor with over 15 years of teaching experience. Mr. Arnaud is a family oriented, with three children, ranging from teenager to young adults. His children have given him a better understanding of positive teaching techniques to incorporate into his lessons. Mr. Arnaud understands the importance of young drivers getting quality service and education and ensures all of his students are equipped with the right skills to be safe drivers.

Our Mission

Safe & Control
Our first priority train our students control a 4000 lbs machine. We then make sure you can park any car.

Perfect Judgement
Knowing how to drive for the test and real life are two different driving styles. Passing a road test is easy. Driver Confidence is essential.

Complete Awareness
Most crashes happen in broad daylight. We train you to be completely aware of surroundings

How It Work?

There are only a few easy steps for you to get your new drivers license.
Start your Engine
Choosing Safe Drive Driving School will put you on the road to be a better driver.

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